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A long-term inventor, especially of optical systems, Peter Wise received the Horace Dall medal from the British Astronomical Association for his contribution to the progress of astronomy in 2007. This followed from his design of the 'Newise' reflecting telescope design, which was prompted by his highly innovative shoulder-mount 'Evolution' spotting telescope.
In 2010, a Gold Medal was awarded to the 'Firefly' 85 spotting telescope at the Geneva Inventions Exhibition. This is another variation on the dialyte configuration; it has not been commercialised at the moment, and efforts have been concentrated on the 'Zerochromat' astronomical telescope. We have a pre-production  instrument available for £600 (please enquire for details).
In 2008, Peter developed the 'Zerochromat' refracting astronomical telescope, which provided excellent image quality from a dialyte design, based on the 30 inch dialyte refractor at Hanwell Observatory, the World's 5th largest refractor.
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We are very fortunate in being in the 'Silicon Valley' of optics in the United Kingdom. The demise of Pilkingtons Glass has spawned a great number of World-class optical companies and supporting companies in the North Wales area. There is even one of the World's most renowned optical designers who can be counted on to verify any new optical designs, within a very short distance from us. 
Glyndwr University at the former home of the Optic Technium in St Asaph is where segments for the E-ELT are being made (this will be the World's largest optical telescope and is to be situated in the Atacama desert). It is a mere 4 miles from us, and our links with it are invaluable. 
We have precision engineering companies that we employ within easy reach. They support the huge optical industry that is on our doorstep.
So our team of dedicated people making the Zerochromat are extremely well catered for in manufacturing them to the highest standards. Each one is carefully hand-crafted and exhaustively tested to ensure that they are as perfect as humanly possible.